Risk Management Support in West Virginia

Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Claims and Legal compliance can drain a company of time and talent that could otherwise be focused on productivity. EIN understands that these issues are some of the least enjoyable things a business has to deal with and employs great people to make sure the burden is on us instead.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

  • Assist in Return To Work (RTW) program.
  • Aggressively attack all questionable claims.
  • Work with location to ensure modified duty accommodations.
  • Liaison between client employer, injured worker, and medical provider.
  • Review claims and reserve weekly to assess settlement or closure position.
  • Manage claims in multi state platform ensuring legal compliance with state guidelines.
  • Provide client a “claim kit” that will assist with proper claims handling at the time of incident.

Unemployment Claims Resolution

  • Participate in all fact finding and ruling hearings.
  • Ensure due diligence by state for legal compliance.
  • Timely response to request for separation information.
  • Aggressively defend client employer during the protesting of all questionable claims.

Legal Compliance

  • Assist with managing the OSHA 300 logs.
  • Provide each site with the yearly 301A report.
  • Ensure claims adjusting license in applicable states.
  • Provide all appropriate WC and UI required postings.
  • Maintain workers compensation compliance in every state.
  • Maintain unemployment insurance compliance in every state.
  • Ensure that EIN is 100 % compliant with the PEO legislation to secure confidence from our clients.


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