Supervisor Training/72 Hour Rule Reminder

Supervisor Training


As business owners, you put an enormous amount of faith and trust into your supervisors and managers.  These employees carry a lot of responsibility and it is very important that they are provided with the tools they need to be successful.  EIN understands the importance of your supervisors’ roles in the success of your business and we have created comprehensive supervisor training programs to help make sure these employees are prepared to successfully manage their responsibilities.  The training programs that we have are customizable to each client’s needs and will cover areas such as understanding the employment cycle, effective communication, employment law, documentation, and identifying red flags.  Both the content and distribution can be modified to meet your business’s needs.  Training classes can be held on site for large groups of supervisors, or we can host individual or small group training at our main office.  Please give our HR Department a call to discuss your supervisor training needs.

72 Hour Rule Reminder

The West Virginia Wage Payment and Collection Act requires that, upon discharge, an employee must be paid all wages due within 72 hours of that employee’s last hour of employment.  This is a WV requirement that is strictly enforced and carries significant penalties for employers that violate it.  We work diligently to make sure that all of our clients are in compliance with this requirement.  In order for all of us to operate efficiently and avoid potential liability, we absolutely need our clients to work closely with us and notify us immediately of any involuntary employment separations.  If you have questions please contact our HR Department at (304) 204-8700.
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