Global Cash Card

EIN has partnered with Global Cash Card in order to provide our employees with the opportunity to participate in Direct Deposit without having a bank account.  The Global Cash Card is MasterCard Debit Card that is accepted at millions of locations worldwide, including internet and telephone-order merchants and millions of ATM’s.  There is no credit check involved, and you are not required to have a bank account; all you need is proper identification.

How does the card the work?


Instead of providing the employee with a live check, EIN will load the employees’ card each payday; the employee will then have immediate access to their funds.  Other advantages the employee will gain are: no check cashing fees, the ability to check their balances at anytime either online banking or via the telephone, and the option for online bill payment.  This is an excellent solution to those employees who are accustomed to a cash-only lifestyle.  It will provide them with the financial freedom by expanding their purchasing power.

If you are interested in obtaining more information on the Global Cash Card product, please contact our Payroll Department at (304)204-8700.

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