About EIN, A West Virginia PEO

Employers’ Innovative Network LLC (EIN) is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) located in Cross Lanes, WV. Since 2005 our goal has been helping businesses increase profitability. EIN relieves companies of cumbersome and expensive human resource tasks allowing business owners to focus on increasing their bottom line. EIN provides payroll, human resource management, risk management support, and benefit administration solutions to our clients. A client retention rate of 99% demonstrates the strength and solidarity of the union between EIN and its clients. Through the years we have diversified our business model to ensure we meet the needs of our clients. Our range of clientele represents physicians, construction, energy and many other industries.

EIN is a leader in the PEO industry. Our company led the movement in West Virginia to enact Bill 4079 which regulates our profession in the state. Due to EIN’s commitment to the passage of this bill our leadership team was invited to join Governor Joe Manchin at the formal bill signing ceremony. EIN and our family of companies remain compliant with the WV PEO legislation.

President and CEO Jeff Mullins approached the creation of our company with a clear vision of what business owners need and how EIN should operate to fulfill that need. This vision led to securing fortune 500 benefits, top-rated software systems specifically designed for our industry, as well as streamlined technologies allowing EIN to stay one step ahead of the competition. However, the most valuable resource at EIN is its employees. EIN prides itself on our strong and tenured leadership team. This team is made up of qualified professionals that lead a support staff committed to ensuring the execution of our corporate initiatives.

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